Pastor Alejandro Cordova

Celaya, Gto


God bless you, I want to share a brief testimony of what the C.I.G.A conferences in Monterrey were for me. First of all, I thank our good God for allowing me to come and hear good preaching, from men who God is using and that undoubtedly are of encouragement for my life and for each one of us who had the opportunity to attend. It was incredible the way God worked during each service, and especially the last day, which was undoubtedly a great day for God. Many people save and baptized! I am sure that every penny was well invested and that, without doubt, will bear fruit, not only here on earth but also in heaven.

Campeche, Campeche - Assistant Pastor

God bless you! We are very grateful for the lectures of C.I.G.A. They have been a great blessing both, to me and my family, as well as to our church. The conferences have been of great encouragement to continue preaching the gospel and encouragement to strive more in the work of the Lord and invest more than time and effort, as it has challenged us to invest more of our resources to attract people in order to preach the Gospel. Thanks to all who participate so that these conferences can be carried out.

Calvillo, Ags. - Pastor

God bless you all! First of all, I thank you for all the work you have done all this time and for the conferences that God has allowed in each part of Mexico. Thank you for putting the load and choosing our church; really, it was great encouragement. To us as a church, it encourages us to give more enthusiasm and love the lost more. Thank you for taking the time to come to Monterrey and give the blessing to us. Thanks for everything. GOD BLESS YOU GREATLY!

Monterrey, N.L - Layman

I send a cordial greeting hoping that God is blessing and using his life every day for the progress of the gospel. I would like to take a minute and share the blessing that the CIGA conference in Aguascalientes has been for my life and my church. God has given me the blessing of being able to help a little during the conference, and thank God; last year, God allowed me to help with the youth program, and I could see the hand of God, in how the potential of our teens can be used to preach the gospel. This year God allowed me to help giving classes to children, every activity that is planned in the conference is planned and organized so that adults and children can hear the gospel and be saved; and that, is a blessing for me. To see that God has not forgotten about Aguascalientes. I pray that each of the things that are planned with the CIGA conference, God will provide for each of them, and more people will be built and encouraged to win souls and at the same time people can be saved.

Aguascalientes, Ags. - Assistant Pastor